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How many have passengers that travel with you in your challenger frequently? I am looking at purchasing a Challenger but my kids ages 13, 11 and 7 may not enjoy getting squeezed in?? We have a Ford Expo that we take on long trips and then a charger, but if I get a challenger the charger will go.
I too have an Expedition.

I put my two boys (15 and 13 year old) in the back of the Challenger. No problem, plenty of space. But 3 kids on a longer trip in the back won't even compare to the Expedition.

We recently drove from Texas to Florida, there was no question we wouldn't take the Expedition for the room and comfort for all. It would be annoying for the rear passengers on a longer trip to have to squeeze in and out of a 2 door car.

For longer trips for 4 people our preference would be Expedition, Camry (since it has 4 doors), and then Challenger.

For two people travelling that order is reversed.
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