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My kids are 11 and 12, and I'm 6ft 290. the kids say they have plenty of leg room, but they have big feet and the foot room is the real limiting factor. The seats are real comfortable and we've gone on in state trips with no issues.

Really though, having 3 people get in through the passenger door, sliding the seat over and over and taking the seat belt off and putting that back on EVERY time we went anywhere was the real annoyance. We had a jeep compass with 4 doors, but once i bought the challenger no one wanted to ride in the compass anymore. :laugh:

So we bought Mom a new Charger R/T to replace the Compass. It makes me happy to drive it compared to that god awful wannabe Jeep, and it makes every one else happy because they all get a tiny bit more room and their own doors. It's much easier for the day-to-day. iI may not be as awesome on the outside, but the heart of a beast still beats under the hood.

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