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Rear suspension question

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I was initially under the impression that the Challengers rear end was a solid unit like those from the 70's. But I have read on the site that this is a 4 wheel independent suspension. What is really back there? One review I read indicated that the 2011 had more rear camber. You cannot do that with a solid axle housing. Any one have a picture of the underside of the challenger?

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Boy oh boy do do I wish this car had a solid axle namely a revised dana 60 and a 5 link suspension less weight, everyone calls this system outdated that is until they get plastered on the track by a mustang that has less power than them. You can also make one handle good as well, granted they can be choppy over rough surfaces, but wgaf its alot stronger set-up, thats why the harcore 03-04 cobra guys junk their IRS for a solid. The original versions of these cars werent remebered for their spirited cornering, it was their bullet proof drivelines, that murdered the drag strip. I know alot of guys will argue the point, but they at least ought to offer a lightweight street strip version with this set up, for us drag racers, nobody wants the drag pack car and have to finish it themselves and not street legal, ford has dodge bent over backwards with the cobra jet compared to the s/s. Ford is building cobra jet drag cars, the boss and boss leguna seca to master the twisties and dodge is wasting away a market that they are barely in anyways. The car is stunning it has the looks, they ought to a T/A for the r/r guys since ford did boss.
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