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So every other day this setting turns itself off anyone know how to keep it on? Yes I can always just change it back on but it'll just turn off every other day which will get annoying.
Also how does hill assist work exactly I have moments when it functions and it doesn't
These aren't like big deal issues just small stuff I'm still trying to figure out since I just got the car
This is a 2017 challenger RT Manual.

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Can't answer the cam q ...

However, on the HSA, from da book ...

Hill Start Assist (HSA) – Manual Transmission Only
The HSA system is designed to assist the driver when starting a vehicle from a stop on a hill. HSA will maintain the level of brake pressure the driver applied for a short period of time after the driver takes their foot off of the brake pedal.
If the driver does not apply the throttle during this short period of time, the system will release brake pressure and the vehicle will roll down the hill. The system will release brake pressure in proportion to amount of throttle applied as the vehicle starts to move in the intended direction of travel.
HSA Activation Criteria
The following criteria must be met in order for HSA to activate:
• Vehicle must be stopped.
• Vehicle must be on a 7% grade or greater hill.
• Gear selection matches vehicle uphill direction (i.e., vehicle facing uphill is in forward gear; vehicle backing uphill is in REVERSE gear).

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