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So I bought my first Challenger a couple months ago and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I am having a single recurring problem. The rear view mirror has dismounted three times since I bought the car. The adhesive melts completely off the windshield and leaves my mirror, with the metal button(mounting plate? I'm not sure the proper name for the piece) still screwed in, just hanging there. I live in Texas and we have 105+ Fahrenheit days. My interior is all black so it gets EXTREMELY hot on the inside of the car. Twice I just remounted the same button after cleaning the remaining adhesive from the windshield and the button. This most recent time I bought a new button figuring maybe something was wrong with the old one. Today, while it hadn't completely fallen off, I got in the car after work and it was loose. I have a couple ideas that might act as solutions, so any feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

1. Get a lighter mirror? I noticed that the mirror itself seemed pretty heavy and large compared with some other ones that I had seen.

2. Get one of those reflective screens for my windshield? Maybe it would help keep the temperature down inside the vehicle?

I'm getting pretty frustrated with the problem, and I asked the people in the auto parts store that I went to about it and they weren't able to offer any solutions. Any advice from anyone on here would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, I have a 2012 R/T Classic.
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