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They actually put an old Cuda on display at the Las Vegas auto show? I had not heard that until reading this!
CAPTIONDetroit News
Looks like Chrysler is getting more serious about bringing back a version of the old Plymouth Barracuda.

Autoblog took note of a report on that Chrysler has registered the name Cuda as a trademark. That's Cuda as in Barracuda. It caught our eye because it was only a couple of months ago that Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles taunted the Mopar-crazed crowd at the SEMA show in Las Vegas with the prospect of a new Barracuda. To further whip up the frenzy, they had placed a vintage one on the display floor.

What would the new one look like? We're not sure, but Autoblog drops these tantalizing tidbits from Barracuda's heyday:

The 'Cuda was historically a bit smaller than the Challenger, with a two-inch reduction in wheelbase when compared to its sibling. What we can say for certain is that a reborn 'Cuda, should it ever see the light of day, won't be wearing its old Plymouth name badge. Our best guess is that it would be sold as a Chrysler. In any case, consider our interest piqued.
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