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Just returned on Monday from a 10 day road trip (for work) from Baltimore to Tampa in the Challenger. I think I chose the worst possible week to be in Tampa, weather-wise, as it rained for almost my entire time there. Torrential rains and tornados on the days my wife was dropping me off at work and taking the car for the day, made me a little nervous. Thankfully we have lived there for so long she wasn't unnerved by it. She pulled over when it got real wild to be safe. Truthfully I think she was as worried about the car as i was about her. The weather for the drive there and back was great :thumbsup: and it didn't rain ALL day EVERY day.

I normally break the trip into a couple days to keep my wife sane, and visit to my son's place in Jacksonville. A few impressions I thought i would share:
  • 26.5 MPG highway at ~75MPH was a welcome change from the 18 my truck usually averages on the same trip.
  • The challenger possesses highway manners and comforts that i would put up against most 'luxery' class cars. Smooth highway ride, comfortable seats, and just generally relaxed, easy manners..........when not romping the throttle.
  • It's very easy to wake the beast from 70, and FAR to easy to completely obliterate the speed limit:redcap:but it SURE IS FUN!!!
  • Only saw/noticed about seven other challengers during the trip down and back, and YES i was looking.
  • Handing the keys to my 25 year-old son produced the same stupid smile on his face that I can't remove from mine.
  • Sitting in the passenger seat with him at the wheel, and directing him to 'let into it' resulted in the following sequence of looks: slightly confused, wicked grin, suprised smile, evil grin.
  • My 4.5 year-old grand-daughter thinks she can start Papa's car with her magic wand and the right magic words :).
  • My wife drove the car for the first time since we purchased it, and it only made her love the car more. She told me i might have to 'get my own'?? :scratchhead:
  • My very good friend, also a 08 Mustang GT owner, was impressed by the interior, comfort, and power of the R/T. He let me drive his GT shortly after he bought it, and his only Challenger driving experience was a thoroughly-abused car that he was repossessing. I think his time in the seat completely changed his opinion of the car. I don't think his wife will tell him how much she REALLY loved it when she drove it.
  • Back seat is comfortable and roomy enough as long as the front seat position is 'reasonable', YES i spent a few miles back there.
  • Positioning a car seat is NO problem, but i'm a coupe guy who only has grandkids now.
  • My 4 year-old grandson thinks 'Papa's racecar is AWESOME!!' He sat still and quiet and liked riding around with the roof open.
  • I felt more comfortable pushing it on the backroads that i've spent carving for the last 15 years on my motorcycles than I have here around MD. Knowing the roads took that unknown factor out of the driving experience and let me really focus and enjoy driving the car. Although i have no illusions about this being a 'sports' car, it responds well to rear-steer and didn't smack me in the back of the head when it started to get a little loose. Smooth and predictable slides under felt great finally getting to have a little more fun in the corners.
  • It was GREAT fun having a lifted, and very nice sounding 4x4 F250 diesel rev the motor and spin all four tires trying to leave me behind in the rain. I backed off at about 60 and let him go by spinning all four and honking all the way. I'd like to think he was smiling and laughing as hard as i was trying to get traction in that weather.
  • I was impressed with how the traction control engaged predictably in the rain and responded without resulting in me spinning the car (Wife's 03 Mustang GT) or feeling like someone shut it completely off (My 97 Z-3).
  • This car gets looks and/or comments everywhere it goes.
  • Louvers (ABS that were dealer installed before I ever saw the car) will be removed soon. They are annoying on the highway and during any strong crosswinds. They also make cleaning the rear window a blood-letting experience.
  • My two kids are going to have a serious fight if i leave this car to the other one in the event of my untimely departure. It's nice of them to try to claim dibs on something i've worked very hard to get. I may just eliminate the problem and get buried in it :notallthere: In truth I think its funny, and I know they are teasing...........right??
  • A visit to the dragstrip IS in my recent future.
  • I LOVE MY CAR!!!!:guiness:
Thanks for listening.

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Great road trip and car review write up in one.

I'm glad you had a great time. Funny how an inanimate object can actually bring extra joy to people - not just you and your wife on the trip, but your son driving and your grandchildren.

Life is supposed to give you some special times. Imagine how this would have gone in a Toyota Camry. Not so special.

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Nice write up! This car really brings out a certain effect in people! Glad to hear you, your family, and the car made it back safely!

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Nice write up!
I just made a trip to chicago for work from mid-ohio....6 hours there on monday....and then 6 hours back on wednesday afternoon.
I saw 0 Challengers on the trip (2 new camaro's - one drop top!; and i saw about 15 '10-11 mustangs!)
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