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It's OK to post appreciation for the items/vehicles for sale, comment on a good deal, wish good luck with sale, etc. But it is NOT OK to criticize asking price, comment that you can get the items elsewhere, or criticize the items themselves. Basically, if you aren't going to buy something, then don't comment if it is negative. The members selling the items can decide the content of their posts

5. No "Thread Crapping":
  • Address all questions to the seller/ Allow the seller to answer all questions
  • DO NOT REPLY IN THE THREAD if you have no intention of making an offer - this section of the board is NOT a discussion forum. Comments, questions, and opinions not directly related to the sale may be removed
  • Do not offer 'better price' re-directs or links to someone else's sale = post removed immediately
  • Advertising or posting links to your item for sale in someone else's thread = post removed immediately

I understand we are used to discussing everything, but here we have members wishing to conduct a transaction, not get opinions on their items. If you feel a member may not realize their asking price is high, for instance, feel free to PM them that you are just trying to help them. But keep it private, and they by no means have to take your suggestion

Thanks, A Guy
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