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Repair Loose Gear Shifter

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Hey Everyone,

So I'm working on my 2016 Challenger. The shifter suddenly became really loose/sloppy.
So I opened it up and found that this bushing came loose and moved itself forward so the the shaft now has a lot of play in the "knuckle".
So I fixed this by glueing the bushing back into the knuckle, and also greasing the shaft to give it more freedom to move around.
This is just a band-aid repair and I need to fix it permanently.


Is this a part I can purchase online or dealer only? (will be googling shortly after posting this. :) )
I'm not looking to replace/upgrade anything as I'm happy with the look and feel of the stock shifter.
Just need a permanent fix for this.

*As a side note, I noticed rust forming on the edge of the sheet metal inside here. :( So I sprayed it a bit...hopefully that will slow it...