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I had asked if i needed to bypass my oem amp when adding aftermarket Headunit but that was a dumb question...i have found out the obvious answer to my question and all it took was one simple quote from a separate thread witch was regarding a harness "You need the expensive one, it properly interfaces with the vehicles CAN bus. The only way to use the cheap one is if you run your own switched accessory wire and are not amplified at all from the factory" for some reason the way it was put there made it click

#1 If your car has an amplified soundsystem you NEED the PAC C2R-CHY4 to retain use of your amplified setup(extra parts necessary to retain steering wheel controls)

#2 No there is not really a CHEAPER method of doing that its the easiest/best solution to buy the harness and retain oem amplification .. delete at will as i feel dumb-
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