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Just in case anyone that did switch over to the black door, just noticed today the fit is good, but I can pull it out a hair on the lower left hand side of the door, seems like its not snapping in place, took it off again today and put back on, same thing, odd.

Problem fixed............this is what I did in case anyone runs into this...........the black door fit good, except one tab would not click into place, so I tried my original door and it fit perfect, then I looked over the black one good, and noticed on the one tab lower left hand side, the tab itself was just a hair smaller and the edge was different than the other tabs.

So I took off the plastic cover from my original one and put on the new black one..........was a little nervous doing this , didn't want to go caveman on the plastic but it came off halfway decent it fits perfect.

I got this from Steve White Motors awhile back, not blaming him in any way............the part came from "Daddy Morpar" thought I would write this up in case anyone ran into this issue.

So now the part fits perfect............



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