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Replacing Shifter Knob / Grip ?

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Hello everyone. I have a 6 speed RT and would like to switch out the shifter knob / grip with a classic 8 Ball shift handle. As you can see though from this picture the shifter grip is about 5 or so inches long and extends all the way down to the leather bag at the bottom. Does anyone know if it's possible to take this grip off and simply replace it with a different shifter knob? I don't know what it will look like once it's removed since the current grip is so long, but I suspect that I won't be able to simply take the grip off and screw on a round shifter ball. I don't think it will look right. Any ideas?


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About the only alternative is to get the Hurst shifter (this comes with the white "cue ball" knob)...the stock pistol grip is molded onto the shaft so its all one piece.

Here's a link to Hurst's site that has a picture of that setup

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I check with the service manager and the dealership where I bought my R/T. He said that I run a risk that Dodge will void my warranty if I install a Hurst shifter because it's not factory. Does Mopar make a performance shifter that I can have installed instead, so as to not run the risk of voiding the warranty?

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The only warranty you would void is that of whatever part you replaced. In this case, the shifter.
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