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I don't know if this is old news...came across it today and thought there may be others who would like to request one:
I wonder if this new update CD will be the official 2.402 released version that was posted on the Unofficial MyGIG update site.
MyGIG Software Upgrade Version 2.402 (314 MB)

- Fixed iPhone 4 Disconnect Issues.
- Fixed System Mute on MY10 JK during remote start.
- Revision B NOTE: The previous RER 2.402 CD update had a bad part number on the disc that was causing the REP WK updates to fail. This issue has been fixed on this new revision B CD Image. Although changes have been made there is no version change to this update. - If you have sucessfully installed RER 2.402 update there is no need to reinstall it since the only change is the CD part number.
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