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Revving in Neutral

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I just put a cold air intake onto my car, and it sounds great when I'm driving and I floor it. Has a really good sound to it. Usually around 5000-6000rpm. However, when people say "Let me hear what it sounds like", and I go to rev the engine, I can never get that sound.

Is it because the car is capping at 4000rpm? or is there another reason? I would love to be able to give people a preview of the sound without have to be driving at 60mph.
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I'll throw this curveball in depends on how you rev in neutral, as far as getting a ferocious sound. As others above have noted, engine load is an important factor to be present, and the engine load is very light while in neutral (essentially, friction of lubricated metal engine parts is the only load). However, there is a short moment where engine load can be appreciable, right at the beginning of poking the gas pedal. In that scenario, the engine load is its own inertia as it goes from idle rpm to some higher rpm. So if you rapidly go from idle to 3000 rpm or so, the rotational inertia of the moving parts of the engine will be appreciable, which will present a temporary engine load. So give a healthy poke to the throttle, just long enough to give a quick rise in rpm, but not so uncontrolled it spikes up to hit a rev limiter. The goal is to leverage inertial engine load at the very beginning, and then letting the rpms fall back to normal idle. I believe you will be employing enough throttle at that point to give a very nice sound. ;)
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