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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a 2011 RT with the RHB-430N Uconnect/Mygig, 7 speaker BA Audio/Video head unit.
I have a couple of observations/issues with using the Ipod and was curious if these were normal or could be considered problems I should get checked out....
My Ipod is connected to the center console USB port using a 'generic' off the shelf Ipod USB cable.

1) My main complaint is that, between songs I get a split second of the next song in the list before the system switches to the next song to play. For example with the 'Random' option set, I'll be listening to Song AA, it ends and I get a split second of song AB before the unit switches to song ZA or whatever the next random song is. This especially disconcerting when listening at high volume and the next song in the list has a loud first note or two. I get blasted out for a second, then it cuts out while switching to the next song.
Anyone else had similar experience?
2) The next observation is that it takes a while for the head unit to boot up and recognize the Ipod. So, if I leave Aux selected and turn off the car, when I start up next time the unit defaults to the radio (or something other than the AUX. I think this is 'normal', but seems slow to recognize the AUX none the less.
3) Next...The Search sucks...Is it really 'normal' to only jump to the first item in an alphabetical list? It's a list jump and not a search. It seems like they forgot a backspace key or a way to key in more than one letter in the 'search' menu?
4) (This is getting longer than I thought, but while I'm here...) The 'Random' option/setting for the Aux input can't stay selected? I need to reset it everytime I get in the car? OH...And the 'back' button (bottom left, backside steering wheel control) doesn't go back to the last song? 'Up' or 'Down' just picks a random song when the 'Random' option is set? Really?

This is quite a rant...I will say that I think the CD, DVD, AUX and Radio Audio quality is decent. But the UI and controls kinda suck. So...are all of these 'normal'? I did some searches, and found complaints about some slow load times with the Ipod, and the Aux not being selected when the car restarts (recommended turning the radio off in Aux mode before shutting down the car) But I didn't find anything similar to main complaint.

Thanks everyone.
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