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2011 challanger rt, looking at a set of coil overs by pedder sold through Richard I use the car as my every day summer cardriver. Looking to lower the suspension by 1 inch. Has any one installed these? Are there allignment issue when doing this? Are there any other parts required or suggested? Keeping the stock tire size 245/45r20 on a new set of lexani
Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Your on the right track, Pull the trigger on those coil overs when you can.
"You will not be sorry you did". I have heard nothing but praise from people who are running the setup.

I have heard different owners tell me no alignment issues then again some say needed alignment ! 50/50

So with that being said do what I did, Install the Pedders Adjustable Control Arm Bushing kit ( LX EP6570 ) and any problems you might have had are solved. Plus I think Chrysler bushings are junk.
Better to put it on when the coil overs are being installed then find out later that you have and alignment issues and have to get into the front end again.

Just my opinion, After the coil overs are installed have the front end aligned and look at print out. If your comfortable with what it says and your with in spec, Then your set !

I also installed the Pedders Bump Steer kit while I was in the front end.
Your handling will be much improved when you do this, That Challenger will turn on a rail...Enjoy ! :headbang2:
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