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275's rear=32 psi
245's front =33 psi

Driving out of a parking lot that is dry but white with heavy salt and then driving home makes it easy to see the contact area.
I could prob run 34 front and 28 rear and even out the contact area as the front you can see is contacting the road more due to more weight than the rear.

Left is rear 275, right 245 front A/S UHP BFG G force Comp 2.

I saw a you tube vid demonstrating how to launch and tips for drag racing and it was mentioned/recommended to run front tires harder @ 40 psi and rear @ 28 psi. So guessing airing down the wider rears would be better to get a little more even weight/contact. Don't think 40 psi front would be good for daily driving though.

The All Seasons are a bit smoother but mostly due to the OEM F1's being hard and not safe anyway with freezing temps. The BFG's don't spin as easily on wet cold pavement either.


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