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I've been reading a lot but still have questions. It would be for my 2014 auto RT.
1. I understand a 85mm will help even stock engines with throttle response. What one'shave had the best user results?

IMO the amount of money to go from 80 to 85mm with no other mods is a waste of money, if you want to improve your throttle response just do a resonator delete kit or a full cat back, it's amasing what an exhaust upgrade can do, I would not recommend the resonator delete kit if the car is a non stp car, the non stp cars have 2 1/4 inch pipe with cheap little mufflers and most people that have done the resonator delete don't like the drone. If the car has the super track pack it has 2 1/2 inch pipes with 2 bottle style glass packs, removing the resonators really open up the 5.7 but there still will be some drone, just get a good kit, the 6 speed cars benefit the most with this inexpensive mod, if you go with a full cat back get one with an H pipe instead of the X it improves your torque a little over the X. This is JMO because I have already done it and noticed the throttle response right away and the sound is great and it didn't cost anywhere near what a 85mm TB cost.
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