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I brought the car in last week to the dealership for the scheduled oil/lube. Normally I would do this myself since I don't like others working on my car, but the car is under warranty so I figure I better let them do it.

When I picked up the car afterwards, I noticed the throttle response seemed a bit 'restrained', engine was less torquey. Reminds me of when the car was brand new and stock. I also noticed the fuel consumption meter on EVIC was reporting 11 mpg, which is way worse than normal. WTF ? The fuel consumption has since levelled off to more normal levels, but the motor still seems to be lacking a bit of low end. I checked the engine bay, and everything seems hooked up ok.

has anyone else ever experienced this after getting work done at a dealership? I was still runninig the stock tune, no Predator. Is Chrysler reflashing our PCMs with more conservative tunes ?
Or maybe I'm just losing it ? :notallthere:
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