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Complete failure in customer service, poor products. I've done four orders with RPI designs, 2 went ok but the other 2 had problems.

I'll talk about the worst one. I ordered some splash guards for my and installed them, no issues. About 10 months after installing them I found that both fronts cracked. I contacted RPI to see about warranty replacements or just buying replacements. I was told by Josh that they would be covered under warranty I just needed to send int he order number which I did, then silence. Weeks later I start another contact with them to see what happened. Several messages later including sending in pics I was told the replacements would be mailed out on the following Monday, guess what... They never showed up. I sent Josh (Who is the owner) a note expressing frustration only to get a one word answer back.

Clearly he does not care about his customers. I did some research on forums and see that this is a fairly common pattern with Josh, poor customer service. Do yourself a favor, shop somewhere else, AVOID RPI Designs :icon_evil:
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