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I'm like you, I read the manual pretty much from cover to cover. And yes, some people apparently don't. See the same thing on the truck forum and motorcycle forum I am on as well. However, the way I look at it is if someone asks then they are looking for an answer, if it annoys you to answer then click and go on.

Of course I'm getting old enough I need 8-10 reminders of the same thing for it to really sink in. I also agree with the previous post... I think I had read everything about the Challenger ever printed before I bought one.

More than owners not reading the manual I'm surprised by the number of dealerships that have no clue what's going on in the market they are selling on. For instance, I asked a dealer if he was getting any 392 (6.4L) Challengers and he replied the 6.1 was the biggest available. When I said no, Dodge was making a 6.4L Challenger he told me he hadn't heard a thing about it in the "Dodge dealer channels".
You are correct R/T 6speed. We have gone (for the most part) from knowledge based sales consultants to personalities that fit a broad spectrum of buyers. They should know that information.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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