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Each of these topics have been covered separately in various threads, I'll just combine them to relate recent experience. If someone finds it helpful, great!

My 2012 SRT8 came with already nasty rusted silver rotor hubs from sitting on lot for a year. Really degraded the looks. I worked with my dealer (props to them for great attitude) to keep car for a few days, pull the brake rotors and have them blasted in body shop, where they then painted the "rotor hubs" with paint I supplied (Rustoleum Satin Black Hi Heat brush-on paint...intended for BBQ grills mostly). This was done under warranty, but I'm sure it's discretionary...your dealer may balk, so be nice. This is so much better than the cheapo factory silver/gray you wonder why Dodge persists in using it (OK, cost). In pics below, I had to actually brighten the photos just so you can even see the rotor centers, which really makes the wheels look a lot better. In normal light, unretouched they just disappear completely.

Also, for wheel maint. at home, I worked out a lift arrangement using my small floor jack on the official jack points. Not wanting to have the four prongs make the contact and because of clearance, I procured a pipe adapter from big box hardware store that fit the jack perfectly and was as short as possible with a flat surface that didn't exceed the intended jack point space (no contact with the rocker plastic or anything). Just measure your jack points and jack and pick up what fits for your application. I jacked, pulled, cleaned, waxed and replaced wheel in 30 minutes the first time. Now that I have organized, should be able to do all four corners in one hour. There is no provision for using jackstands doing this, but I have no need. Also, I used a 7/8th" socket, which is perfect. If you don't have a deep well, put a cotton ball in it to protect the chrome on the lug nut outer surfaces. This jack arrangement didn't leave a mark on the jack point under the car.

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