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I understand the pain behind trading a Challenger.

Quick Question, where are you in Michigan?

Ypsilanti here.

WTF is up with all the dirt roads up here?

I personally would never buy any house on a dirt road because of the issues you described and a couple of others. It is literally my #1 rule about looking for a house. If I have to take a dirt road to get there, if the house is on a dirt road, if I can't get to work, the store and a freeway two different ways without a dirt road, the house, no matter what it is, is not for me.

I grew up in Ohio and literally the poorest counties at least tar and chipped their roads. There are county roads and mile roads in Michigan that aren't paved and that floors me.
I'm in Millington. It's a private drive about 1/4 mile. I guess years ago the cousins that live behind us signed some papers saying they waived the county to maintain the road. Not sure if true. Wife fell in love with the house and we have 5 acres surrounded by trees.

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