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Selling a car

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I wanted to ask those of you who have sold a car privately how you accepted payment from the buyer. I am thinking wire transfer since people have told me that cashier's checks are easily forged and difficult to verify. How did you work it out?
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I've never been involved in a long-distance transaction like Lord Warlock but it sounds like he had his bases well-covered. For local transactions, I prefer to go to the buyer's bank/credit union and have them issue a check from his account. Then the buyer and I go to a deputy registrar and transfer the title to his name.

I suppose I could have a problem if he had very recently made a deposit to his account that turned out to be bogus.

The transfer of title issue caused me a problem once when I traded a car to a dealer and when the dealer sold it to someone, the title was not immediately transferred for some reason. Soon after, the new owner got into an accident with a car that was still titled in my name. It turned out to be easily resolved so it wasn't really an issue in that case.
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