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Selling a car

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I wanted to ask those of you who have sold a car privately how you accepted payment from the buyer. I am thinking wire transfer since people have told me that cashier's checks are easily forged and difficult to verify. How did you work it out?
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I did a bank check. Told the buyer I would try to have my bank verify funds... if not, transport company (arranged by him) cannot pick up until check cleared. Spent about 30 mins on the phone with banks and they couldn't verify it because it was an insurance check. Told the buyer that he would have to wait til the check cleared, and to put the shipping company on hold. He wasn't happy necessarily but understood. Ten days later, the check cleared, and I called the shipping company and told 'em to come get it. That was my 66 Ford Fairlane... clear title.

Friend of mine bought a 04 SSR, paid the guy in two bank checks.. One made out to the lien holder for the amount due, and the remaining balance to the car owner. Both checks were verified, so he left with the car. 30 days later, still had issues getting title from the lien holder. Finally worked out okay, but a pain in the butt.

Other car I sold, guy came down and picked it up. I went to my bank with him. Verified funds. Signed title over to him, he loaded it up and headed back to Tenn.

All depends on the situation, but bottom line, bank verified funds should be required before individual leaves with the vehicle.

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