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Here is some MOPAR trivia for you Shaker owners.

Back in 1970-1971, the shaker hood scoop on the Challenger R/T and 'Cuda was also known by this crazy acronym: IQECAG.

It stood for:

I= Incredible
Q= Quivering
E= Exposed
C= Cold
A= Air
G= Grabber

I know because I had one on my 1971 'Cuda 340. Now you know. :wink3:
Another fact was that the shaker option (N96) was only available for two years. In 1970, it was offered on the 426 and 440 Six-Pack engines. In 1971, you could also order it on a 340 and 383 engine. (Note- The 440-4 barrel was a special order engine in 1971).

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