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I'm curious to see what some have done to their GT's in terms of appearence... I haven't done much yet, but I'll start.

I just *had* to get rid of the stock 19" wheels - hated the design and have never really been a fan of "dark" wheels either - so I went with some 18" SXT wheels with a set of chrome wheel skins (they make skins for these particular wheels in both chrome and gloss black, just FYI). Going this route allowed me to end up with a full set of brand-new looking "chrome" 5-spoke wheels for under $500. Although, I then had to spend $800+ on some new tires due to the wheel size change. :-( I went with 235/60/18 Continental Extreme Contact DWS-06 tires. I didn't go with "low profile" tire sizes because:

1. I wanted to retain the same overall wheel+tire size as the original 19" wheels/stock 235/55/19 tires - so as not to impact speedometer or shift points.
2. I didn't want to "lower" the ride height at all.
3. I didn't want to increase the size of the wheel->fender gap
4. I didn't want to impact ride quality by going with 20" wheels and lower-profile tires.

To me, these cars just look "right" with smaller wheels and more tire sidewall.

Even though my car had the blacktop package, I didn't like the black gas door or the black spoiler, so I had the spoiler painted body-color and replaced the black gas door with a chrome version - especially since I now have chrome wheels. I do, however, like the blacktop package blacked-out front grilles and even the black trim inside the car (steering wheel, instrument panel, etc).

Only other exterior change so far is a black "Challenger" license-plate frame. :)

Considering some sort of black stripes - but not sure about that yet...

Here's what it currently looks like.... I'm sure a lot won't like the look due to the smaller "chrome" wheels and the large-sidewall tires, but I personally perfer that look, so that is what I went with.

Please post some pics of your customized GT! I need some ideas for future mods. :) 20% window tint coming real soon now that it's warm out...

Will post some interior mods soon....
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