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Shock absorbers

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I had my 2015 Scat pack in for oil change recently, and the mechanic says one of my rear shock absorbers is leaking and could be replaced.
Instead of replacing it with a factory part, should I take the opportunity to upgrade to a higher performance shock? Are there any benefits to the car?
If so, what brand, model, etc should I be looking at? Thanks!
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the OEM units are Bilstein on Scat Pack models - IMO, one of the more durable and performance oriented brands in the market. these units are the B6 series (performance)

I have a set on one of my other vehicles that has 95K on them and they're going strong.

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If you have driven the car since 2015 and have not until now decided that the shocks were inadequate you don't need to upgrade to a higher performance shock.

You will not really benefit upgrading to an aftermarket "higher" performance shock.

My advice is to replace the leaking shock and the one on the other side with OE shocks and continue to drive the car.
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