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So I gathered with a friend of mine in his garage hanging out with 2 challengers and 7 cans if plasti dip to dip our wheels.
I've done this before and I know the process well so I wrapped the whole rotor with plastic bags so I can spray freely without removing my wheels.
After getting almost all coats on, my friend asked my to move my car to make some space.

Yes I did a silly mistake and moved the car with the plastic bags still on the rotor and I felt some wheel locking so I remembered and pulled them out but one of then got really stuck between the disc and the rotor and the disc housing.
I tried all efforts to take it out but it's stuck so I thought I'll drive the car bk home after I have cut all plastic beside the piece that is stuck (1inch long)

Now I'm bk home and some got gout because of rotor heat and some stay there.

Is it bad if I just kept on driving the car and made the rotors role to melt it?
Or should I take my baby to get cleaned up?
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