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Simplified Stereo Install Questions

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Okay, I am just starting on my "mods" journey. I got my windows tinted last week and I received my K & N air filter this week. I am starting to look into stereo adjustments now. We have always installed things ourselves but it seems my new Challenger may be a bit more of a "challenge" than we as amateurs are used to. So a few questions for you guys (or gals)....

I have the very basic stereo with no extras, but am surprised at how decent it sounds. I only need a bit more deepness in some bass. I am not as hard to please as hubby. I have currently been happy with just a 12" and a 250 watt amp in my pickup. So I don't need alot here. Just a bit more.

1) How exactly do you go about removing the dash stereo face plate area to get to the stereo?

2) In looking at some Crutchfield options we noticed that a wiring harness was included but then it wanted you to purchase a second harness type thing called a PAC converter for like $130. Why would we need this second thing when in our experience the harness was always enough? Do you guys have this converter thing installed?

3) Has anyone actually wired into the factory stereo without buying aftermarket? Or has everyone who upgraded gone aftermarket?

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated.
Tracy in SC
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1. Put your fingers under at the bottom and pull out, use a dash removal tool if necessary.

2. Challenger uses CAN bus, that is why the harness is needed. Do you need it for a simple radio install? No. The thread at the top stickied tells you what wires are for which speakers. Other than that you just will need to find an ACC power wire, run a constant power wire to the battery, and make your own ground.

3. I prefer to stick to stock radio, looks cleaner IMO and with the right equipment there is no need to change.

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Thx The727kid
I am happy with the stock stereo so would be cool keeping it. I will go investigate the sticky with wiring and see what we come up with.
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