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Six years, 1000 posts!, Cruisin' Woodward tonight

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This is my 1000th post on Challengertalk. I have enjoyed being a member here for 6 years this month!

I was completely in awe when I first saw the concept Challenger and knew it was THE car I had been waiting for Chrysler to make since I became able to drive. I missed the first musclecar era by about 10 years, so in 2009 I bought my DWB RT j package. It had many warranty issues in its first year (about 15), as it was an early production car, but they all got sorted out and the car served me well till I fell in love with my current 2013SRT. My current SRT is a better car in every way and I am more obsessed with Challengers than ever. The Challenger is such a great product as you all know well.

To celebrate :bdaysmile: I am taking her out to cruise Woodward Ave tonight, things will be hoppin, just one week till the big party! Any of you locals reading this come join me!
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Congrats Joe !! would love to meet up with you tonight but i have a wedding to go to, how about wednesday of next week?
Thanks Bruce, ya next Wednesday might work :yesnod:
I'd be there, but haven't lived in MI for 30 years ;)
Born n raised in Dearborn. Even went to Henry Ford Elementary. Pops was a body engineer for Ford, uncles were all service manager type guys across all makes. Gramps and great uncle owned a Dodge dealership back in the day....Anyone old enough to remember "USA with an H and a K...HUSAK Brothers Dodge!" ? ;)
Donut Cutter

Wednesday night same as last year
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Cool deal...I hit 100 today :yesnod:
I will look for you. I may head out there in my 1970 Charger or maybe I'll bring the 2012 Challenger this time.
i gotta watch the kids tonight, i would love to come out and play.......
Hey Joe!! its Friday night and great weather!! where did ya want to meet up at?? and what time?
Ray, Let's try the donut cutter @ about 8ish
Congratulations on all counts!!!
I've been on here since 2008 too. When I heard about the new Charger concept, I thought I wanted one until it came out. I didn't like it much because I wanted a 2 door and manual transmission. I was hooked when I first saw the Challenger concept in 2006. I knew I had to get one. :D
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