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im sure im not the only one sitting here with a 40k plus mopar vehicle equipped with supposely a remote start system from cell phone that has NEVER worked ,,ive emailed them [xm] several times,,spent alot of time in the driveway talking to them and all i get is 'we are working on it' really ???? i had a dodge dart GT ,chysler 200 s, jeep Cherokee black top ,,that all had the old uconnect system that always worked flawlessly
i could probably be in alaska and probaly remote start any of them !! cant even do that sitting in the driveway in the challenger... i have a pixel xl 2 so i know its not the phone,didnt work with my lg-g6 either
on verizon,,,,im running the 1.6 version because if i update to the 3.1 version,,it only offers remote door lock/unlock whoooopy !!!! ive went as far as to email google play store and recommend they remove the dl from the store because its basically a bogus app !! they are investigating the app as i type this rant out ,,, and they really want you to pay for this,,not gonna happen,, maybe they should contact on-star and see how to write a app that really works !!! ever since dodge handed this over to xm,,it has been total crap !! im done ranting for now ,,thanks for listening:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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