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First off, Thanks Omi for taking the suggestion to make an area for people to have as a vendor review area. Hopefully people use it properly.

Now to the meat.

I had read many of the forums about the other major exhaust manufacturers, and the tweaking people did to remove drone, the likes, dislikes ect.

I had seen that a new company (to me) put up a group buy for their Cat back system. I decided to try them out after reading a few good reviews. I am very happy I did.

I live in Mountain time zone so 2 hours off from east coast time. One of their guys Jeff, spoke to me afterhours (7-8 PM est) answered my questions, and actually extended the timing on the group buy offer due to me finding out about it from CT forums. The product shipped out and they sent me a tracking number that day. It showed up in a nicely labelled, box on UPS and inside everything was packaged quite well with bubble wrap over the flanges. All mounting materials were supplied.

The only thing they do not supply is installation instructions, but really for most people that have played with cars, there is not a huge requirement for them. (local shops may charge a small install charge to put it in for you, but it's not hard for anyone to do.)

The sound is phenonomal, raspy when punched, a solid sound when cruising, and grabs people's attention. Well that and the whine from the SC'er.

And to top it off, they are a Canadian and USA company, so we can all support vendors from our countries.

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It has to be the best company I have ever dealt with. After meeting with them about my exhaust I became friends with them and have to say they are some of the best guys you could meet. There's no bs there deffenatly straight shooters. They have a quality product.

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So far so good. I placed my order with them today. I was impressed with the professional and courteous service.

Can't wait for my cat backs to arrive next week :D
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