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Hi Everyone;

I have a 2012 SRT. Over the past few months I have had a brake squeal from the front brakes when decelerating at about 20MPH and slower when coming to a stop. I have done a few things to rectify the issue:

1) Replace shims (with no brake silencer paste under the shims)
2) Brake silencer paste under the shims.
3) Grease the retaining pins and plate contact points.

These didn't solve the issue.

Finally I removed the pads, and noticed well-worn spots on the side edges of the Brake Pad metal backing. This side rides along the machined surface at the bottom and top of the Caliper. (See Photo). I noticed no lube/grease there, on either the pad or surface.

I cleaned the machined surface with Red 3M scotcbrite and brake cleaner. Once clean I did the same to the brake pad edges. I then applied a little CRC Brake Grease to both surfaces, and re-installed the pads.

Well now I have zero squeal in forward or reverse. I know most of you know about greasing this area, but wanted to share my experience with our great Brembo brakes!

Thanks for reading, :wink3:


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