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So after watching the youtube video a dozen times, reading the instructions...I decided to tear into the car and upgrade my stock shifter to the Hurst unit.

Here are some observations:

1) I was expecting the hard part to be the pin replacement...not too bad. I have pretty big hands and I was able to accomplish this step without issue. As well documented, the driveres side is easy and can be reached by hand. The passenger side I was able to start with my hand and then through the use of a pair of needle nose it home. No big deal really

2) Rear air duct- For me this was probably the biggest pain in the a$$. For some reason I struggled to get it seated both front and rear.

3)Gunslinger- My gunslinger did NOT fit the hurst shifter. The base of the gunslinger was square and the whole in the shifter was more round. I had to grind edges off the gunslinger to make it be able to slide into the hurst shifter. Only took a few minutes...IMO, if you are going to do this shifter...the gunsliger is a must have.

4) Probably took me an hour all together and I would say this is light to moderate on the scale of hardness.

5) Overall feel- definitely better, but possibly slightly overrated. Shifts are of course much shorter and more positive...not sure what I was expecting.

6) Noise- Not sure what the complaints are around this- car sounds much more aggressive inside, reminds me of the sound from adding an it
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