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the bolt extractor and broken screw extractor are awesome and saved me many times. the Torx method i haven't tried but looks like it could work if its all you had on hand.

proper way to jump start a battery....
Once stalled vehicle has started, remove clamps in reverse order

1. Connect RED clamp to positive (+) post of dead battery.
2. Connect other RED ciamp to positive (+) post of good battery.
3. Connect BLACK ciamp to negative (-) post of good battery.
4. Connect other BLACK clamp to engine block of stalled vehicle.

DO NOT ground to carburetor, metal fuel lines or moving parts.

5. Start engine. Do not crank engine for long periods of time. Ten seconds of "cool down" will save wear and tear on your starter and battery cables.
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Hmmm, never thought of trying a torx bit that way. I'll keep that in mind as another possible solution. Thanks
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