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Someone Vandalized Kandy!!

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While At Work I Was Approached By A Police Officer Asking Me If I Owned A Green Challenger? At First I Was Thinking " Oh Great Someone Backed Into It". The Cop Then Told Me Its Worse Than That! We Walked Outside And The Pictures Are What I Saw! My Heart Broke! I Bought My Baby Brand New Right Off The Lot Just About 6 Months Ago!
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Not to be funny but who did you really piss off? An ex or someone's wife\husband, wife, girlfriend, someone's father\grandfather?

That's horrible. Does anyone have cameras around there where you could pull footage?

If that happened to mine, I would love to find the person or persons.
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Wow I am so sorry that happened to your beautiful car. Did he damage any other car?

I hope it is repairable.
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That's a crazy story. I love my car. I guess I would be glad I didn't catch them as I would be hauled away by the cops.
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I'm sorry but there is no way I could just sit and watch someone beat the sh.. out of my Challenger, especially like those pictures above, that windshield makes me pissed. I've cleaned up a broken windshield and back window, you rarely ever get all the glass even years later.

I worked way too hard to get it. Even if I didn't do the same thing to that person, I know they would get a piece of my mind and I wouldn't care who it is.

It makes me think about the people that say I wouldn't care if someone stole it, it would be paid off... yeah and you can pay another 5-7 years worth of payments and down payment when I already had been paying on one for years.

Also, it's kinda hard to prove they didn't swing first in most instances especially if no one is around... allegedly...
1 - 4 of 60 Posts
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