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Someone Vandalized Kandy!!

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While At Work I Was Approached By A Police Officer Asking Me If I Owned A Green Challenger? At First I Was Thinking " Oh Great Someone Backed Into It". The Cop Then Told Me Its Worse Than That! We Walked Outside And The Pictures Are What I Saw! My Heart Broke! I Bought My Baby Brand New Right Off The Lot Just About 6 Months Ago!
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Damn! I would've flipped out too, but the thing in today's world, even the criminal can sue you back if you go nuts on them! Yes, it's better to keep your cool and not beat the crap out of the guy (if you found him) because you can get in trouble and insurance will pay for the car (hopefully 100%), but all the love and hard work and money you've done to your car feels like they've gone down the drain. And imagine you've waited and waited to get the car and this happens, precious time is wasted. I feel for the Kandy car and its owner, this is just plain screwed up!
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