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Something else I noticed and like about the R/T Classic

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The fact that the factory painted the bottom of the front fascia, body rocker panel between front/rear wheel wells and the bottom of the rear wrap around fascia matte black like the finish on the R/T Classic stripes. By painting the bottom of the car matte black it makes the sides of the body seem shorter unlike the Camaro that doesn't matte black paint the bottom the same way. The Camaro's all look like the body sides are way to tall/deep. I really like what MOPAR did to the sides of the R/T Classics. I don't know if all Challengers are painted this way, I'll start checking them out as I see them on the street. Big Atta Boy to the Engineers, well played. You can just see the matte black paint on the bottom of the rear fascia wraparound behind the RR wheel/tire. Ah yes, the on the showroom floor pic when I said I'LL TAKE IT .

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