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Hey guys, just wanted to share another project we're working on.

We're pretty happy with the outcome. This was done in metal on the OEM fenders. Next will come the hood vents and a few other little goodies.

Just finished the 426 with air to air s/c, BB tranny, custom converter, 8 piston big brakes and our Stage 3 suspension kit. We'll be doing a 2-tone combo once we're through with the metal work.

A quick "dust" outline to show the customer what we had in mind.

Waste no time. Primer is still a bit tacky, so the fender has not been aligned, just placed on the vehicle for pics.

The vent/grill is removable in case he decides to change design. We'll be powder coating the mesh to match the rest of the build.

a little detail pic

I'll be posting some pics of our in-house fab shop within the next couple weeks. We're getting rid of our small fab facility and bringing it all under one roof. We're also expanding our fab area/offerings.

Next will be Challenger fenders, then Charger fenders. Be on the look-out for Carbon Fiber as well.....
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