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[I'm not allowed to post in the used parts section, so here it is until it gets moved]

We had a customer take these off due to them trading in their car. They have not even 10k on them and look great, the car was kept clean. New these two parts together cost over $1800.00!

Corsa 14138 Cat-Back

Magnaflow 16420

These parts must be installed at HHP's main shop in Newark, Delaware. Installation costs will be $100.00 for us to throw them on. We will not ship these kits out because we're not making any money on them, only selling them as a favor for our customer and we prefer not to seperate them. I know some of you guys are still going to ask us if we'll ship them, so the answer is yes, we will ship them, for an extra $300.00 handling and supplies charge plus actual shipping fees which will be around $150.00. Or you could come to Delaware and ONLY pay $1150.00 installed. :browsmiley:
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