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Speedlogix is no longer a dealer for LMI, effective yesterday. LMI terminated Speedlogix as a dealer, and we are thankful for the separation. Neither company is flawless in any relationship, but we have had concerns over the lengthy lead times over the years and inability to buy in bulk to stock and avoid the individual order process. We have often considered separating, but chose to stand by a fellow long-standing vendor in our niche community, despite frustrations of our own. We understand that every LMI product is made by hand and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each order.

Speedlogix enjoyed being a dealer for LMI for over a decade, however in recent years the relationship was further strained as Speedlogix chose to use and promote another brand's product on in-house Hellcats. We feel there is room for every brand in our community and that gaining first-hand use of multiple products in a category further strengthens our ability to steer customers toward the right product for their individual needs.

Recently I overlooked an email from LMI stating that the lead time extended to 5 weeks and that the order would not be processed until I responded stating the lead time was acceptable. This oversight caused additional strain on the customer's experience, and we have taken responsibility for that with our customer and issued him a partial refund for the delay.

  • LMI was always paid for every order, most recently was paid prior to the order even being processed and made
  • LMI did not allow Speedlogix to stock their products, despite numerous requests by Speedlogix to do so
  • LMI expressed displeasure that Speedlogix carried and promoted other brand / competing CAI products

For the record, LMI used to send PayPal invoices for us to pay within 30 days. Then it moved to paying by the end of the calendar month. Then it moved to us paying before the order would ship out. Lastly it moved to us paying before the order would be scheduled to be made. This became extremely inefficient for us as every other manufacturer, warehouse and vendor keeps our credit card on file and charges it when they ship the order. As a two-person company who fills orders for well over 10,000 products annually, we prefer to streamline anything we can, including automatic payments.

We understand that sometimes the needs and desires of two companies no longer mesh well together, so the time came for LMI to move on from Speedlogix being a dealer, and we accept and support the separation.

We hold no ill will toward LMI, and wish them well.


P.S. Please direct all comments, questions or concerns to me directly via lisa @ speedlogix . com
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