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In my years of being a challenger owner, I've heard many good things about SpeedLogix. But after my first purchase, I'm highly convinced I should've taken my money elsewhere. I recently purchased a few parts, to be modest. Well forget modesty, let's go with honesty.. SL got over $3,300 of business. With that kind of price tag, you know what I expect? Good customer service, people to keep their word, to be treated as if I'm important & an honest apology for dropping the ball. Needless to say, none of that happened

After the initial purchase, I had questions. I called, never given an answer but I was assured I would soon hear back with the information I needed. No word. Called again, no word. This happened over and over multiple times with multiple people. To this day, I still don't have the answer. But you have your money. Kudos to you SL.


So I try again, I need information. I call and speak to Mike. He doesn't seem to know much about the products he's selling. But good ole Mike assures me he will get back to me and double check. Well Mike, my phone hasn't rung yet.. We have to call again a few days later. We are told the package is on site and preparing to ship it same day (Thursday) so I can get it on time for the install (Keep in mind, timing is definitely of the essence in this situation). Thursday passes, so does Friday, and the entire weekend for that matter. It's now Monday, and still haven't heard back...what a coincidence. We have to call Mike again. But guess what, he still hasn't done his job. Why you ask? He had other stuff to do, he wanted to go to a car show. Thousands of dollars of parts are sitting there waiting to be shipped, but that's of no importance to SL apparently. I get it, you sell parts for's important to be an on-site vendor. Makes sense. But at my job, when I have a responsibility and I'm going to be out of the office the next day, I take care of it before I leave. Because my customers being satisfied keeps me gainfully employed, and my customers matter to me! 9PM Monday night we receieve a shipping notification... Ya know, the time it was supposed to already be here! I'm glad you got to go to your car show, I really am.. It would be very nice if I'm able go to mine as well, but now I doubt that. Why you ask? Well my car & my parts are not going to be ready on time. So thank you, I really appreciate it.



To say I'm disappointed, would be beyond an understatement. To say I'd participate in the SpeedLogix circus again, would be a lie. I hope the car show was wonderful. So do yourself a favor people, if you want to buy from SL give yourself a nice window of time to get it..if you actually do get it. Don't have questions that need answers, because they won't be. And please don't expect them to take responsibility for their mistakes and at the very least don't expect them offer an apology!

UPDATE: After almost two weeks since ordering, the shipment arrived today. Package contents arrived damaged and dented might I add…and was promptly refused. We had to travel hours to another vendor at the last minute to have new part picked up. Never will I do business with this company again & I strongly encourage everyone else to find a better source for quality parts & products.
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