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So I managed to get my hands on copies of the handwritten records for most everyone's times on the autocross last Saturday at SpringFest. Bear with me as these are handwritten and some folks walked off before giving their names. For instance, I was so happy about my last run (a 1:07) that I walked right off and hugged Madeline. So this isn't perfect, but its still pretty neat to look over.

Person with the most runs around the course:
  • Aaron Vogel ran 10 times.
Best V6 lap:
  • Frederick Haroldson (sp?) ran a 59.968 beating Ralph Gilles and I don't have a lap time for Samuel Hubinette but if I recall he had the best time.
Best V8 lap (other than Ralph or Samuel):
  • Also Frederick Haroldson with a 57.543, just behind Ralph's 56.961 and Samuel's 56.855.
Most cones killed:
  • Mike Aboolian (sp?) with FIVE massacred cones added 10 seconds to his time. Cones hurt!
Best V6 single lap improvement:
  • Pete Seguin improved his lap time from his 1st to his 2nd try by 3.87 seconds.
Best V8 single lap improvement:
  • Vincent Hernandez's second run was 14.219 seconds faster than his first.
Best average V6 lap time:
  • Belongs to Frederick Haroldson also with an average of 60.815 seconds per lap
Best average V8 lap time:
  • Also Frederick with an average of 59.237 behind Ralph Gilles' average of 58.700 and Samuel's average of 56.855
Most improvement between first and last laps in a V6:
  • Pete Seguin improved from his first lap to his last by 5.77 seconds
Most improvement between first and last laps in a V8:
  • Suzy Peat with an improvement of 12.482 seconds from her first lap to her last lap (Can you give me lessons?? )
Ponder this, for the sake of killing cones and seeing who's the better driver we raised about $2200 for charity last Saturday!

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Here are the lists I compiled and the original sheets I transcribed the info from. Note the times include 2 seconds per cone knocked over. And sorry for any mispellings.

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