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SQ Challenger - Audio system

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Stock Radio/Nav unit
Audison Bitone for processing
Audible Physics XR 3.5 in pods
Audbile Physics XR 6.5 in doors (no pics b/c you cant see them)
Accoutic Elegance IB 15's running free air
Hertz HP5 runs the whole show.

So far sounds great, although it still needs a ton of tuning and more sound deadening. Just wanted to share for those looking to go a similar route--at first I wasnt sure I would like how big the a pillar pods were but they really arent bad, and provide really nice sound stage. And this was not DIY, due to 70-80 hour work weeks I decided to let the pro's handle the headaches so I could enjoy it on my weekends off.
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i like it, how is the imaging of it? clean install. think id do soemthing with the audison piece in your center console. just doesnt blend in on what is a pretty clean stealthy system.
Imaging is really good but only from the left seat. Its only a one seat setup, which is ok since the only people to sit there are chicks and they can't hear the difference anyway--no offence ladies.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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