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Hmmmm...posted this in SRT8 as well, but I want both sides and hopefully moderators will allow it....

In spring of 2015 I will trade my 2012 GC Overland for something cool. The Hellcat and the 392 SRT are both contenders and I'm glad I waited as I nearly bought a 2014 and these new cars look amazing!


A Challenger 392 SRT has virtually all of the Hellcat toys and they are equally beautiful cars. The big difference is the engine. But I'm (so far) not seeing HUGE differences in actual performance. There's a video on youtube where even the Dodge guy can't get the power down and hit 60 MPH in under 4.7 seconds with the Hellcat. Meanwhile my buddies core challenger does it all day in 4.3 or 4.4. If the Hellcat can really hit 60 MPH in under 4 with ease, it's still not hugely quicker. Part of this may be that the Hellcat is heavier and with 707 HP, the launches are tougher. My friends, some of whom track cars regularly, seem to all feel that the 392 SRT and Hellcat are pretty much the same deal for a driver who won't track them.

From 70-150 MPH I'd expect the Hellcat to be faster, but how much, and is it enough to be worth the extra money for the car, fuel and insurance? In "real world" driving it seems like they're very close in all performance aspects. The Hellcat may have been more impressive with some extra weight shaved off and I bet that model will come...Core Hellcat.

I'm not hating on either....both amazing, but questioning the sense of buying a Hellcat over the 392 SRT. I've also heard rumblings that the 392 will handle better.

Interested in hearing thoughts on this....

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