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Let's think of ideas that we can give to improve what we like about the SRT lineup and how we can rebuild the SRT brand.

-When posting your feedback, post the SRT Hallmark(s) you are discussing so we can begin to group them.
-The thread is meant to be Challenger focused. If you decide to talk about another SRT vehicle, make sure to include that in the Hallmark.

SRT Hallmarks (Challenger based)

1. Awe-Inspiring Powertrain - We've got strong 5-speed and 6-speed transmission. We just got the 392 that lay's down impressive power that fits emission etc standards. If we don't want the 392 to exceed the flagship Viper, then lets see something similar to what Ford did with the Boss 302. A more aggressive camshaft and race tuning. We are looking to see at least 30-40 rwhp. The next step from here is getting a factory supercharger. People want this as an option but they also want the warranty backing and not having to mess with the installation time/costs. Either produce a factory option or contract out to the aftermarket to produce special edition Challengers that are backed by the SRT brand.

2. Outstanding Ride, Handling and Capability - So now for 2012 we get active damping and 2-mode suspension modes. We've improved with changing the camber and steering ratios (steering wheel included). What more can we improve? Let's start looking at weight reduction, at least 100-150lbs. It'll increase the handling and capability. Instead of a sunroof as an option, however, let's focus on upgrades that improve the performance. For example, strut bars and braces as build options on the website or at the dealer when you build your Challenger. They've already started this for the Mopar 10 and 11, so let's see this as options in the SRT lineup.

3. Benchmark Braking - The Brembos seem to be the best thing going. It seems that most of the aftermarket here focuses on reducing the brake dust issue. For 2012 we get rain braking and brake assist/alert. These are all great improvements.

4. Aggressive and Functional Exterior - so we improved the front end of the Challenger by opening it up. It's got a frowny face vs a happy one. What more can we improve? Stripes are pretty but they don't improve the performance of the exterior. Perhaps the Challenger can get more aggressive with making the hood vents larger like the 1970 models. Then let's look to duct this air into the airbox like the 06 Concept in addition to pulling in air from the lower fender. Cervini's proved you can improve the top speed 2-3mph just with their intake setup. It's great that the front chin spoiler was improved upon.

5. Race-Inspired and High-Performance Interior - I suppose this is where the, "They will now have high-end audio systems and other electronics, Gilles said." comes to play. So let's talk performance. How about gauge pods with performance gauges. The Charger is pushing in the right direction to include performance pages on the touchscreen. Perhaps they can look into putting a digital readout of performance items as a HUD in the windshield. Let's look at electronics that add functionality to the driver. A high end stereo is nice to play that victory lap tune in but we need electronics that will improve with providing us information regarding driving. Perhaps the gauge improvement might go along with monitoring a supercharger or turbocharger.

SRT needs to make it easier for the consumer to have access to performance modifications. It's great the Ralph is going out and getting feedback from the Mopar Nation.

The above is to start our creative juices. Let's see what we got.
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