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SRT Chin Spoiler Install on R/T Challenger

I've always liked the looks of the SRT chin spoiler better than the one that came on my R/T. I just never could bring myself to buy the parts to do the upgrade, until now. I curbed my belly pan and put a few scratches on it that bothered me enough to replace it with a new one, and figured while I was at it I might as well make it the SRT version with the chin spoiler to match.

This is a pretty easy install, you'll just have to take your time with the 9 small 7mm bolts that hold the stock chin spoiler on the front fascia.

Be sure to use all safety precautions when jacking up the vehicle and working beneath it!

For this modification you'll need:

SRT front chin spoiler Mopar P/N 68043390AA
SRT front belly pan Mopar P/N 5030943AA
Jack stands
1/4" drive socket wrench with 7mm and 10mm sockets
Dash pry tools
1/2" drive socket wrench and 19mm socket for lug nuts
1/2" drive torque wrench good to 110 ft/lbs at least for lug nuts
Plastic rivet gun (Harbor Freight)
4 or 5 plastic 5mm rivets (Harbor Freight)

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