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Here's a handy list that I compiled of the components of a 6.1 Challenger SRT with auto trans.


-6.1 Liter (372 Cubic Inches)
-425 BHP @6,200 RPM
-420 lb-ft. Torque @4,800 rpm
-Iron Block with Reinforced Bulkheads; Aluminum Heads
-OHV 2-Valve/Cylinder, Chain Drive -4.06 Bore, 3.58 Inch Stroke
-10.3:1 Compression Ratio
-2.08 Intake & 1.60 Exhaust Valves
-Lightweight Sodium-Filled Hollow Stem Intake Valves
-External Dampers on Valve Springs
-Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
-Cast Eutectic Flat-Top Alloy Pistons
-Piston Oil Cooling Jets
-Powder Metal High Strength Connecting Rods
-Forged Micro-Alloy Steel Crankshaft with Tri-Metal Main Bearings
-Ported Hemi Heads with Large Cross-Sectional Area
-Billet Steel High-Strength Camshaft (.571/.551 in. lift; 283/286 degrees duration)
-Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold, Core-Dipped Tapered Runners
-High Flow Capacity Fuel Injectors
-Windage Tray
-Shorty Clamshell Exhaust Headers


-5-Speed Getrag Automatic
-3.06:1 Final Drive Ratio
-Sure-Grip Anti-Lock Differential
-Anti-Spin Rear Differential
-Electronic Stability Program/Brake Assist
-All-Speed Traction Control

Brakes (Brembo System)

-14.2 Inch Vented & Slotted Discs (front)
4-Piston Fixed Calipers
-13.8 Inch Vented & Slotted Discs (rear)
-Vacuum-Assisted ABS

Wheels & Tires

-Alcoa Forged Alloy (20 x 9)
-Goodyear Eagle RSA 245/45/ZR20

Steering & Suspension

-Rack & Pinion
-Hydraulic Assist Steering (2.7 turns lock to lock)
-Upper & Lower A Arms, Coil Springs, Bilstein Tube Shocks (Front)
-Multi-link, Coil Springs, Bilstein Tube Shocks (Rear)
-Anti-Roll Bars (30mm front & 16mm rear)


-2.75 Inch Diameter Exhaust Pipes (Chrome Tips)
-One High-Flow Muffler & Two Resonators

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Thanks, I had casually wondered about the Brembo/piston count. Didn't know we had a windage tray. Is the timing chain/gear set different from the 5.7?

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Timing Set

Thanks, I had casually wondered about the Brembo/piston count. Didn't know we had a windage tray. Is the timing chain/gear set different from the 5.7?
The timing set (i.e., cam crank, chain and tensioner) is the same for the 5.7 and 6.1 engines.
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You might note that the 2008 had an open rear differential with electronic traction control. 09 and 10 had LSD Getrag. Also had as an option GY F-1 245/45/20 fronts and 255/45/20 rears...

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I also found this comparison of the 5.7 and 6.1 engines, by Livernois Motorsports:

Bigger is Better – Inside the 6.1L Hemi
The larger-displacement, more powerful 6.1 liter Hemi engine was introduced on a variety of Chrysler’s SRT high-performance models starting in 2005. It is rated at 425 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.
More than merely larger and more powerful than its 5.7 liter cousin, the 6.1 liter Hemi boasts a unique block casting, higher-flow cylinder heads and numerous other changes. Here’s a rundown of how the 6.1 liter differs from the 5.7 liter engine:

• The cylinder block has reinforced bulkheads to handle higher engine loads
• Increased bore diameter to 4.05 inches vs. the 5.7 liter’s 3.95-inch bores
• Cylinder bores honed with torque plate for more precise bore and reduced piston friction
• Forged micro-alloy steel crankshaft with tri-metal main bearings vs. nodular iron crank of the 5.7 liter engine
• Specific, high-strength powder-metal connecting rods
• Higher-load flat-top pistons designed to support the 6.1 liter engine’s higher compression ratio
• Piston-cooling oil jets that squirt oil on the underside of the pistons; a unique oil pump pressure relief valve accommodates the jets’ oil flow
• Revised oil pan and windage tray designs, which manage oil return to the pan sump at higher engine speed
• Billet-steel, high-strength camshaft with higher lift (.571/.551-inch), longer duration (283/286 degrees) and increased overlap (50 degrees)
• Cylinder heads with increased port size, for 11 percent increased intake flow and 13 percent higher exhaust port flow compared with 5.7 liter engine
• Lightweight intake valves with hollow stems and 2.07-inch head diameters – 0.07-inch larger than the 5.7-liter engine
• Larger, 1.59-inch exhaust valves with sodium-filled stems
• Specific valve springs with external dampers
• Unique, cast aluminum intake manifold with shorter, larger-diameter and tapered runners designed for high-rpm performance; the internal runners are core-dipped to smooth the surface finish for improved airflow
• Exhaust manifolds have a true, tubular “header” design and are wrapped in a stainless steel shell; the manifolds offer increased gas flow for the equivalent of 12 additional horsepower compared to the 5.7 liter engine’s manifolds.
• Fuel injector flow capacity increased by 14 percent, compared with the 5.7 liter engine
• The 6.1 liter Hemi is instantly recognizable, thanks to its specific aluminum intake manifold and black “wrinkle finish” valve covers. MDS cylinder deactivation is not enabled on the 6.1 liter engine.

For Your Information:

Livernois Motorsports
(313) 561-5500
Livernois Motorsports: Specializing in Late Model Domestic Performance Parts

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Thanks, I had casually wondered about the Brembo/piston count. Didn't know we had a windage tray. Is the timing chain/gear set different from the 5.7?
I know the '09+ 5.7 also has a windage tray as well - combo unit with the oil pan gasket.
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