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MOPAR 577 cc/min Fuel Injectors (aka SRT-4 Stage 1) 4891574AB X8

I am planning a 6 PSI supercharger installation (used GSM kit already purchased) and will need to upgrade injectors. HHP lists these SRT4 stage 1 injectors as plug and play (tuning obviously required). When it comes to injectors, does plug and play mean they will install and connect easily without spacers, etc? I will be using an SRT intake manifold and stock SRT rails.

I will also be installing a custom A/A intercooler, AJ or Johan email tune with revisions, BAP, wideband and boost guages, coated SRT shorties, cats and exhuast, modifying the oil return of the GSM kit and ditching the GSM computer and extra injectors. I hope to start the build this fall and have it ready in the spring of 2012. I have 1400 in the kit so far, this will be a very budget friendly build. The best part is that with the money saved I can buy a Harley, and that having the satisfaction that I built and modified it myself. I will also learn a lot about my car along the way.
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